Helping Your School

Box Tops for Education

All Saints Academy provides funding to help their libraries grow and improve through their participation in the Box Tops for Education fundraiser. The simplest way to earn money from Box Tops for Education is by clipping the small pink rectangles from participating products and turning them in to school to the designated drop off point in each building. Please notice that the box tops have expiration dates listed on them; Box tops are mailed in twice a year (Oct. & May) and the school receives a check in return. It’s simple; it’s quick; it makes a difference. Any questions, contact Marietta Kuhl (526-7825) who is our Box Tops Coordinator.


Go to to learn more about the program, register as a booster for All Saints Academy, play games to earn box tops, find out about bonus box tops opportunities and more!

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Sunny D Book Spree

SunnyD Book Program

SunnyD has a program that will donate 20 books per 20 SunnyD labels that are mailed in per teacher.  Parents collect labels and send them into the classroom with their kids. Teachers then send the labels into SunnyD to get free books. 20 labels earns your class 20 free books.  The SunnyD labels must have the UPC label to qualify.  It’s the perfect way to bring the power of reading into your kids’ classroom.  Last year, ASA earned 120 FREE books!


For more information visit

Prairie Farms Program

Everyday, families like yours drink milk at breakfast, with meals and snacks. What if you could affect real change by just saving the caps? Prairie Farms now makes it easy for you to give back to your favorite cause, in your community, how YOU choose.

  1. Begin by purchasing Prairie Farms milk in plastic gallon or plastic half gallon containers.
  2. Peel off the Prairie Farms cap sticker to reveal a unique, redeemable code.
  3. Select a participating charity to donate your points.
  4. Enter cap codes.
  5. Click the donate button.

That’s it! 


For every code redeemed, Prairie Farms will give 5 cents to your selected charity. Small change that makes a big difference.