Tuition, Registration and Financial Aide

Preschool Tuition Rates

One-Time PaymentMonthly
5 Full Days$6,410.00$712.23
5 Half Days*$5,020.00$557.78
4 Full Days$5,130.00$570.00
4 Half Days*$3,840.00$426.67
3 Full Days$4,070.00$452.23
3 Half Days*$3,290.00$365.56
2 Full Days*$3,180.00$353.33
*Half Days and 2 Full Days are only available for 3 year-old students
Other Fee for Preschool: (non refundable)
  • Registration Fee – $40.00 (plus FACTS Fee)
  • Snack & Supply Fee – $40.00 

K-8 Rates
(2024 - 2025)

AnnuallyMonthly (Aug-May)
One Child$4,195.00$419.50
Two Child Family$7,190.00$719.00
Three+ Child Family$9,340.00$934.00

*Non-subsidized students will be charged an additional $1000.00 for the school year.

Other Fee for K-8 (all fees non-refundable):
  • Registration & Book Fee – $210.00 (plus FACTS fee)
  • iPad Fees (one-time) – $125.00 (only for students in grades 5-8)
  • Band Fees (monthly) – $35.00 for 1 child, $52.00 for 2 children, and $69.00 for 3 or more children (only for band students in grades 4-8)

All Saints Academy is Affordable

All Saints Academy offers financial aide by applying through the FACTS Grants and Aide portal. For more information, please contact the Office Manager, Mr. Dustin McSparin, by calling 618-526-4323 or sending him an email at

Important Forms

ASA is supported in part by the generous stewardship of our three founding parishes: St. Dominic’s and St. Augustine’s in Breese and St. Anthony’s of Beckemeyer. In addition, each local parish in Clinton County whose children attend ASA graciously contributes financial support. A weekly tithing to your parish completes the final portion of tuition. 
Financial Aid is available for K-8 students through each parish and is strictly confidential. You must apply for financial assistance through our FACTS program. ASA is committed to its policy that no child be denied a Catholic education for financial reasons.